5 must-have Accessories for Remote Working : Get productive and organised

accessories for remote working

I work as a full stack web developer and have been working remotely since the last six years.

If you are new to working remote and looking to organize your desk or workspace for better productivity, this article is for you. I have made a list of five must-have accessories by using which you can have an organized desk and which will guarantee you better productivity as well.

One thing to mention before we get started is that you may be able to deduct some of these items on the Schedule C portion of Form 1040—otherwise known as your personal federal income tax return. However, before you go and start claiming deductions, it might be best to consult with a professional first.

1. Laptop Stand

M1 Macbook stand adjustable height. CoolantIf you are working long hours on your laptop, or if you are using it as a dual-display by connecting it to an external monitor, this is what you should consider getting.

Livewire Component Library

Keeping your laptop on a stand gives it a proper height is correct as per the ergonomics and is also good for your MacBook as the elevation gives it proper cooling.

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I highly recommend using a laptop stand instead of directly keeping the laptop / MacBook on your desk.

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2. Leather Desk Met

Leather Desk Met for M1 MacHaving a Desk Met for keeping all your essentials serves two purpose, one of it will protect your Laptop from scratches.

This will also protect your desk from the wear and tear of all the other essentials that you keep on the table that includes your mouse, headphones, mug, dairy etc.

One large desk pad can solve all the problem and will help you to maintain a neat and clean desk.

3. Better Quality Headset with Mic

Logitech H390 Buy from AmazonWith all the business happening remotely, a better quality Headset along with mic will save you from a lot of trouble of audio quality issues..

Although your laptops have inbuilt mic, having a headset along with adjustable boom mic will provide a clear audio to the listeners.

Logitech H390 is one of the best headset with mic in the market and I personally use and recommend it.

4. HD webcam for Video Calling

External webcam for Apple M1 Silicone Chip

This is a must-have accessory if you have a lot of video calls going on with your work colleagues. While working remote we all are looking for an experience which matches to the way we work in office.

The default camera which comes with your laptop works, but doesn’t provide an HD picture quality and doesn’t give you a rich experience.


5. Desk Organizer

desk organizer

A cluttered desk is a productivity buster, while working remote get yourself a desk organizer.

A desk organizer will help you manage all your office essentials as well as important documents.

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