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Aimeos is a professional, full-featured, and high-performance e-commerce platform that lets you build fully featured online shops, marketplaces, or B2B applications. It is the most widely used e-commerce platform for Laravel and TYPO3 that scales from 1 to 1,000,000,000+ items. And it’s already loved by thousands of developers and has already been installed 200,000+ times.

The Aimeos e-commerce package is Open Source, available for free, and can be installed in less than 5 minutes. It supports all major payment methods including subscriptions with recurring payments and discounts. You can use Aimeos to create your own store front for customers and clients, or simply use it as a marketplace with subscription-based services.

Some key highlights of Aimeos

Supports Multi-vendor, channel, and warehouse for marketplaces and B2B

Get multi-tenancy out of the box and build marketplaces, complex B2B applications, and reseller/affiliate systems with sites extension

Scales from shops from one to 1 billion items that render in 20ms

Scale infinitely and grow to a bigger e-commerce platform than Amazon with the #gigacommerce extension and ElasticSearch

Livewire Component Library

Supports building multi-tenant SaaS with custom domains out of the box

Host an unlimited number of ultra-fast online shops in one installation where merchants manage their inventory without additional costs

Host Laravel Application on DigitalOcean

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Includes bundle, voucher, virtual, config, custom, and event products

Contains all product types you need in a shop and combine them with paid downloads (priced), configurable and custom input attributes

Lets you turn every product into a subscription with recurring payment

Sell products regularly in arbitrary time intervals and Aimeos captures payments automatically from supported payment providers

Supports 100+ payment gateways via Omnipay PHP library

The Omnipay PHP library offers drivers to authorize and capture payments using the major payment service providers worldwide

World-class JSON REST API based on standard

Use the industry standard JSON REST API to build custom frontends, progressive web applications (PWA), and native mobile apps

Full RTL language support in frontend and backend and 30+ language support

Aimeos supports translations to 30 languages out of the box, on both frontend and backend along with multi-currency, price localization, along with easy support for adding new languages.

Discount and voucher support

Since every product selling system needs discounts and voucher-related features, keeping that in mind, Aimeos supports adding discounts to products and also supports a coupon/voucher system.

Full-featured admin backend

Aimeos comes with a full-featured admin backend to customize each and every part of the system, keeping user experience and flexibility in mind.

Completely modular structure

All the features available in Aimeos are built with modular structure patterns, so you know where to look to update any code in the project, it also means that you can easily add or remove any module from the project.

Extremely configurable and extensible

Aimeos was built keeping flexibility in mind, we can easily add new modules, customize the existing features along with updating the frontend as per our needs.

Extension for market places with millions of vendors

Aimeos e-commerce system also supports multi-vendor features and hence we can easily distribute our existing system to third-party vendors and resellers.

Fully SEO optimized including rich snippets

Aimeos comes with support for SEO out of the box and offers features like

  • Deep links to all products and categories
  • Readable URLs including product/category names
  • Custom and translatable URL segments for products/categories
  • Product and category names as part of the HTML title
  • Custom HTML meta tags for categories and products etc.

Optimized for smartphones and tablets

Aimeos is fully optimized for smartphones and tablets keeping responsiveness in mind, and it also supports responsive images of multiple formats.

Secure and reviewed implementation

On top of Laravel framework security implementation and strictly reviewed code, Aimeos supports a security layer with white lists against SQL injection along with Content Security Policy against cross-site scripting attacks (XSS)

High-quality source code

Aimeos comes with Extremely structured code along with the implementation of design patterns and test coverages. All the codes written are well documented and implement object-oriented principles.

And the list goes on…

Reference Links and Guides

To check out what Aimeos offers and information about installation guides and all the other guides, you can check out our Official Website and also our Github repo. Aimeos offers both a standalone application as well as a Laravel Package to include in your existing application.

And if you are a visual learner, you can check out our youtube channel which consists of a lot of informative tutorials and guides.


Flexibility, customizability, performance and scalability are Aimeos top priorities.Together with Laravel, Symfony or TYPO3, solutions are possible that go beyond what most other store systems can offer – Aimeos

Building an e-commerce system from scratch with proper control over the system is something that takes a lot of time, effort, and dedication.

This is where flexible open source systems like Aimeos come into place, it is equipped with all the features that one would need to build a full-fledged e-commerce system with the ability to customise each and every part of the application that helps us build unique and custom systems and ultimately reflect the company/brand principles on each and every system we own.



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