Best Resources to Learn Laravel

Best resources to learn Laravel

I have been working with the Laravel Framework for over more than Three years and I still consider myself a beginner in it because there is much that can be done with this framework. And with the release cycle of Laravel now set to six months, there are new features and changes coming out too fast. In this article I will share the Best resources to learn Laravel.

This will help you to get started if you are a beginner and will also help you to expand your knowledge if you are an intermediate level or even an expert level developer.

Here is my list

Laracasts is hands down the best site online to learn about the laravel framework. It’s is a brain child of Jeffrey way. As the website says, Laracasts is Netflix for your career. There are video tutorials for each and everything that revolves around Laravel that includes PHP, Laravel, VueJs, Unit Testing, Tools etc.

Livewire Component Library

It’s said that the best things are usually free but this is not, The beginner courses are free and are very beneficial, But if you are looking for advance series then you will have you buy subscription, which is available in monthly , yearly and forever packages.

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The next best thing to learn is with video tutorials of Udemy. Udemy have lots of courses around Laravel and development with Laravel. When I was starting out I completed a course by Edwin Diaz PHP with Laravel for beginners – Become a Master in Laravel . Although I won’t consider Edwin an expert in Laravel, It’s a fine course to get started with Laravel Development.

Udemy courses are generally available on 10$ and less as there are promotions happening all round the year. You can checkout other Laravel courses on Udemy here  Top Laravel Courses on Udemy


Official Documentation

If you are a Laravel Beginner you may find the Laravel official documentation a bit confusing and daunting. But trust me it’s the best resource to cross check whenever you are in trouble. Once you are comfortable with the language and have started writing you code in Laravel, Always refer to the official documentation to check whether you are doing things the right way.

Laravel Official Documentation 


There are tons of online blogs available to help you with your journey of learning laravel. Lot’s of developers write blogs, tutorials and solutions related to Laravel. Here are few blogs which I follow


One of the best ways to keep in touch with Laravel is to be the part of the Laravel online community. There are a lot of groups and forums online which you can be part of and contribute as well. Here are a list of few good online Laravel Communities


Do you have another great resource that should be included in the list. Let me know in the comments.


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