comma separated print using Implode on many to many relationship in Laravel

Laravel collection has a useful method that you can use on collection to combine the items of the collection together.

This implode function provided in Laravel Collection works a bit differently than the implode function available in php. Using implode on laravel collection can work on a collection of arrays and objects.

//Collection of string
$collection = collect(["one", "two", "three"]);

// one-two-three
$imploded = $collection->implode('-');

Similarly, if you are looking to echo out the comma separated values of your many to many relationships in Laravel.

Let’s say you have a Post model having many to many relationships with Tag model.

Livewire Component Library

Here is what you can use to print the tag names in your blade template

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{{$post->tags->implode('name',', ')}}

Simple! Isn’t it.

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