How to increase value by % on drag in google sheets

To increase a value by a certain percentage on drag in Google Sheets, you can use the following steps:

1. Enter the initial value in a cell.

enter value in A1

2. Position your mouse on A2, and go to the tab where you can enter the formula.

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go to the A2 tab

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3. Put the following value in the formula to increase the value by 10%, and hit Enter.


This formula increases the value in cell A1 by 10%. Replace 10% with the desired percentage increase

value increase by 10% google sheets

4. Select the A2 cell and place your mouse on the blue dot on the right bottom end of the cell.


5. Click and drag the mouse upto the row you want to increase the values.

drag and increase value in google sheets

6. To Round the values you can use the Round function in the formula


=ROUND(A1*(1+10%), 2)

This will round upto two decimal places

=ROUND(A1*(1+10%), 0)

This will round the value to an integer value

drag increase percentage and round google sheets

That’s all about increasing the value by % on drag in google sheets.


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