Laravel Dusk Failed Screenshots Send Email

When you are working with Laravel Dusk and running the tests on a CI like Travis or Heroku. It gets tricky to get out of the screenshots of failed tests.

Here is how I configured my Laravel Dusk to send email to failed test screenshots.

Create a Mailable Class

php artisan make:mail DuskFailure

Modify the build function of DuskFailure class to gather all the screenshots and send them to the blade file.

   use Illuminate\Support\Facades\File;
    public function build()
        $view = $this->view('emails.dusk_failure');
        $files = File::allFiles('tests/Browser/screenshots');
        return $this->view('emails.dusk_failure', [
            'files' => $files

Mail Blade File

Create a new blade file named dusk_failure.blade.php inside in the resources > views > emails directory

Livewire Component Library

@forelse ($files as $key => $file)
  <img src="{{ $message->embed($file->getPathname()) }}">
  <p><b>{{$key}}</b> {{$file->getPathname()}}</p>
  No images found

In this blade template, we loop through the files and output the image along with the image name.

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Configure Dusk to send Email on Failure

Finally, in your DuskTestCase class, override captureFailuresFor method to send emails

    protected function captureFailuresFor($browsers) {
        Mail::to('')->send(new DuskFailure());

That’s about it. Now whenever you have laravel dusk test failures, You will get an email along with the screenshot of the failed tests.

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