October 2022 Website Traffic and Earning Analysis

I switched to Fathom Analytics from Google Analytics last month. In this post, I am going to review the traffic received in the months of October 2022 on this blog.

Traffic Analysis

The blog received around 41300 users in total page views are close to 50000.

Majority of the traffic on the website comes from the Google search and are looking for quick solutions to the programmatic problem that they are facing.

Livewire Component Library

Most people land on the blog looking for the solution of how to get URL parameter into Laravel Controller.

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A good traffic spike was achieved as one of the articles I wrote Moving away from WordPress to Laravel was included by Laravel News in its social media pages and newsletter.

I have made my Fathom Analytics stats public, you can check the live stats

Check Live Website Traffic

Here is a screenshot that I receive from Google Search Console.

Earning Analysis

I almost make no money from this blog, and is mostly for the self learning process. However, I keep trying to get a few extra bucks from it, so that the blog keep paying itself for the hosting, domain and other maintenance costs.

Here is the summary of how much I earned from this blog in the month of October 2022.

To have a clean user experience, I have got rid of almost all ads from the pages. There are only two Adsense banners which I show on the post page.


I made around 10$ from Adsense.

I also place two units of buysellads on the site, but that is restricted to only few countries.

buy sellads october 2022 earning

I made around 23$ from BuySellAds.

From the last month, I also experimented with placing a few Affiliate links on the blog.

Although there are not many conversions, but it looks like I might get a few credits on Digital Ocean, as few people have signed up using the Affiliate link.

digitalocean referral

Around 5 people signed up , I might get credit for the users who spend more than $25 on the platform. Remember, that this is not the amount that I will get paid, these are just credits which can be used to pay Digital Ocean bills. This comes handy since this blog is hosted on Digital Ocean server.

Articles published in the month of October 2022

How to check current URL or Route name in Laravel
Carbon date String formatting
How to pass data to view in Laravel

Also added a new page to the website which lists all the hardware and software that I am currently using.

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