Page Rules in CloudFlare to forward pages from non-www to www domain

If you are looking to forward non-www pages on your domain to www. Here is what you need to do. cloudflare-create-page-rule
  1. Login to CloudFlare and go to ‘Page Rules’ section of your domain.
  2. If the URL matches , in this field enter your domain information* This denotes all the pages under your domain
  3. Pick Setting as ‘Forwarding URL’
  4. In destination URL enter your URL Information with www ,$1
  5. Click Save & Deploy
Note: For this setting to work, Traffic of your non-www domain must pass through cloudflare. You can check this in your DNS settings. You should have a CNAME record for with active cloud. Shown as below. Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 5.51.45 PM copy

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