How to check if Element is present on page using Laravel Dusk

In your test many times you will need to check if a particular element exists on the page and you would want to make it your assertion point. You might need to do this when you are generating the element dynamically on a given condition.

Here is how you can do it, Laravel-Dusk provides two straight-forward method assertVisible and assertPresent.

assertVisible makes sure the element is in the visible view-port of the web-page. assertPresent makes sure the element exists in the source code of the page.

You can pass in any html selector to check if the element if visible.

Livewire Component Library
/** @test */
public function assert_that_home_page_opens_up(){
    $this->browse(function ($browser) {

However you can only make use of these methods if you have a handy selectory (class or id) attached to the element that you are looking for.

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What if you want to check if your element exists at a particular xPath ?

You can make sure of driver instance on $browser object to directly call the methods provided by Facebook Web-driver API.

$this->assertTrue(count($browser->driver->findElements(WebDriverBy::xpath('//*[@id="home-wrapper"]'))) > 0);

The above code will assert if the element at particular xpath exists or not.

If you want to assert for a particular number of elements you can do this.

$this->assertEquals('3', count($browser->driver->findElements(WebDriverBy::xpath('//*[@id="home-wrapper"]'))));

Check if element does not exists

$this->assertEquals('0', count($browser->driver->findElements(WebDriverBy::xpath('//*[@id="home-wrapper"]'))));

Make sure to include the WebDriverBy class object by Facebook

use Facebook\WebDriver\WebDriverBy;

Thats about it!

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