Laravel Dusk Video Lessons : Beginner to Advanced

Laravel Dusk is a free package available in the Laravel ecosystem. In this course, I utilize the package to automate a demo web application and as we go along in the web automation journey we learn how to use different tips and tricks to make writing automation tests easier.

We also explore different uses of dusk which include web scraping, crawling, and bot-creation.

You’ll learn the following

  •   What is Automation Testing and Why we need Automation Testing?
  •   How to setup and install Laravel Dusk on the Laravel project.
  • Info on using Chrome Driver, Headless Mode, Taking Browser Screenshots, etc.
  • How to use Laravel Dusk for basic automation testing.
  • Concepts of Pages and Components in Laravel Dusk.
  • Using Database Migrations and Factory Methods in Dusk.
  • Example of Browser Macros, Dusk Selectors.
  • Using Laravel Dusk to Automate a Single Page Application
  • Using Dusk to crawl a website.
  • Using Dusk to scrape data from a website.
  • Using dusk to build browser automation bots.
  • Using dusk in the continuous integration tools like Github Actions or Circle CI (TBD)

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Udemy Laravel Dusk Course

Laravel Dusk Beginner to Advanced

Video Course on Automation Testing, Web Scraping and Creating Bots using Dusk

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